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Find the ideal sim only plan that caters to your specific needs with Utility Direct! Customize your plan by selecting the number of GBs you require and opt for 5G to ensure seamless communication beyond borders. Additionally, you can obtain a Dutch phone number and enjoy coverage throughout Europe with our subscription. Choose Utility Direct for the best sim only plan that's tailored to your lifestyle.

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At Utility Direct, we understand that calling and mobile internet is one of the most commonly used features in everyday life. That's why we offer the perfect plan that caters to your individual needs, with speedy delivery within 24 hours and competitive pricing. Trust us to provide the ideal mobile internet and calling subscription that aligns with your usage patterns.

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Very much worth it, really straight forward and useful service! They made setting up my utilities incredibly easy.

Raoul M.

Had an amazing experience with utility direct, would recommend their services to anybody moving to another country!

Raniere c.

I did not have any experience with this matter when I landed and they provided me a nice way to get things set properly for my new house.

Ayk K.

All of the utilities support were very smooth. My specific issues were handled quickly, they response really fast.

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