Watervoorziening aan huis

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Water suppliers in the Netherlands

A proper water supply connection is vital for every household, and at Utility Direct, we understand its importance. Unlike water suppliers who are bound to a specific region and cannot be chosen, we eliminate the hassle of searching for one by offering a complimentary and obligation-free arrangement of water supply for your home or your customers. Trust us to handle your water supply needs with ease and convenience. Our services are free of charge.

How is the tap water in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands boasts some of the most rigorous standards and regulations worldwide.  Dutch tap water is safe to drink, as it doesn't contain any chlorine, and all ten regional drinking water companies enforce even stricter threshold values to ensure they surpass legal requirements. Surprisingly, tap water in the Netherlands undergoes more rigorous scrutiny than food products, meeting hundreds of requirements, exceeding even those for bottled water. But if you prefer bottled water, you can find it readily available in any supermarket. Trust the Dutch for their unparalleled commitment to safety and quality when it comes to water standards.:

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