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Insurances in the Netherlands

As a welfare state, having health insurance is a necessity in the Netherlands.

In the Netherlands it is customary to take out various insurance policies to limit risks and provide peace of mind. Some of the most common insurance products include car insurance, health insurance, home and contents insurance, liability insurance, and travel insurance.

Insurance companies in the Netherlands offer different policies and packages, so customers can choose coverage that fits their specific needs and budget. There are also options for supplementary insurance to provide additional protection in areas such as dental care, legal assistance or supplementary health care.

The Dutch insurance market is regulated by supervisory authorities, such as De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) and the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM), to protect the interests of consumers and ensure the integrity of the sector.

Why insurance?

When it comes to protecting your new home and belongings from damage, considering insurance can be important. At Utility Direct, we provide information on different types of insurance policies available for homes. This includes liability insurance, home contents insurance and building insurance. We can give you insight into these insurance options so that you can decide for yourself what best suits your needs.

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