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Set up home Internet in the Netherlands

Discover Fast and Reliable Internet Solutions in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands is known for its fast internet speeds, ranking 5th in the world. With various providers offering internet through cable, ADSL/VDSL, and fiber optics, choosing the right one can be a challenge. However, setting up home internet with Utility Direct is easy and convenient. We have the best deals for expats and our services are free of charge!

The Best Package Deals

Internet providers in the Netherlands offer package deals that often include other utilities such as your phone and TV. However, we choose to purchase the internet without signing up for a package if you don't need all of the services. We help you find the best package suitable to your needs. Once the contract with the provider is signed,, they'll either send an installation team or provide you with the tools to set up your internet. Keep in mind that the process can take up to three weeks.

Get Connected with Utility Direct

At Utility Direct, we make it easy for you to get connected. Whether you need internet, TV, or phone services, we compare all the leading providers to find the best deal for you. We try to make special deals for expats and can often get you a better deal than on the website of the provider. Let us help you find the best internet deal, completely free of charge.

Internet & Tv for the best price

We provide the best deals for your internet and/or TV package.

"Expat-friendly energy solutions in the Netherlands: Find your ideal electricity & gas provider"

Are you an expat or international student that is moving to or within the Netherlands looking for reliable and affordable energy solutions? The good news is that the Dutch energy market has been privatized since 2004, offering you a range of options to choose from.

Most of the time, your property is already connected to gas and electricity. The only thing left to do is find a suitable provider and have the services transferred into your name. And we are here to help you make this as quick and easy as possible while getting you the best possible deal.

We at Utility Direct are the only independent comparator for a fair comparison.. We work with all the biggest providers whether you need electricity, gas or both, there are numerous energy providers to choose from, each offering a variety of tariffs and packages. For instance, some providers offer lower rates, while others specialize in sustainable energy options such as wind, solar or water power.

When setting up your energy solutions in the Netherlands, you will need proof of identity, occupancy, and residency. You can easily connect to a provider via our website. . So whether you're moving to a new address or relocating to the Netherlands, don't let energy worries stress you out. We will take care of it for you, completely free of charge! Wij regelen het voor je, helemaal gratis!

Save on your gas & electricity bill

At Utility Direct you only get the best deal available on the energy market.


Setting up a mobile phone in the Netherlands is simple with these three options:

Phone contract

Purchase a new phone with a set package. However, international buyers may find it tricky without a Dutch bank account.

SIM-only contract

Buy a subscription for calling, texting, and data without the phone. SIM cards can be bought online for free, making it an easy and popular option.

Prepaid SIM

With this popular option, you top up your credit yourself at the beginning of each month instead of a monthly fee. You can choose between a contract or prepaid card, but prepaid SIMs are generally the easier option.

If your phone is unlocked and compatible with the Dutch network, you have the freedom to choose a provider. If your previous provider has a presence in the Netherlands, it may be useful to stay with the same company.

Expats arriving in the Netherlands can choose between a prepaid SIM card or a mobile phone contract. Prepaid SIMs offer more freedom and are particularly popular for expats who already own a phone. On the other hand, mobile contracts offer security and cost advantages if you use your phone a lot. Consider your phone usage and long-term plans when deciding which option to choose.

Would you like to know more about setting up your mobile phone in the Netherlands? Then please contact us. We work with every provider in the Netherlands and help you make the best choice. 

The best mobile deals

We help you search for the best deals on the market


Water in the Netherlands

The Dutch water grid is not privatized, meaning that individuals in the Netherlands are unable to choose their own water supplier. For expats relocating to the Netherlands, the Dutch water system has some of the highest water quality in Europe. Water providers are assigned to specific regions across the country, www.vewin.nl and cannot be chosen by consumers. To identify the supplier for your area, simply visit www.vewin.nl and enter your postcode in the "Zoek uw waterbedrijf" box, or reach out to your local municipality for more information. The registration process is hassle-free, and can be easily completed through the provider's website.

Main water suppliers

Currently, there are 10 water supply companies in the country that produce and distribute water, with the specific company assigned based on your location. If you are moving to a new address, it's essential to notify your water supplier to ensure uninterrupted service. This can typically be done online. If you need any help setting this up feel free to contact us. We will set it up for you free of charge.

Water Company


Brabant Water

Northern part of Brabant


The Hague/Leiden


Zeeland and southern part of Zuid-Holland


Eastern part of Zuid-Holland




Utrecht, Gelderland, Overijssel, Flevoland and Friesland









Water billing

Water bills in the Netherlands consist of two key components. Firstly, a consumption charge is based on actual water usage, which is typically referred to as the tap water bill. If you don't have a water meter, your supplier will estimate this charge, and payment is usually made through monthly bank transfers or automatic collection. Many water providers offer helpful tools to assist you in estimating your usage based on your household.

Secondly, there is a municipal tax for water services that covers maintenance, drainage, and the sewerage system, among other things. This payment is made quarterly or annually, depending on the specific supplier for your region. The cost of this will depend on your household, so it's important to check ahead of time to ensure that you're aware of the payments you can expect to make.

Connecting water

Easily provide your home with the water supply of your region. Without extra costs.

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