Are you new to the Netherlands and overwhelmed by the choice for an energy company? We would love to guide you as an expat in the Netherlands, with a full list of all energy companies in the Netherlands. But we want to take it a step further and give tips and tricks to help you choose. Or if it is too intimidating, Utility Direct is here to help.

Understanding the energy market in the Netherlands

The first step is to get an idea of how the energy market in the Netherlands is set up. So let's talk about the Dutch energy market in general at first. It's liberalized, which means you can choose the energy companies for gas and electricity yourself. In most cases that is, there are some exceptions. For example, sometimes houses are connected to a central heat net, and then you are stuck to the supplier that hosts that net.

But in general you have freedom of choice, which drives competition and helps stimulate lower prices for energy companies in Holland.

Which types of energy contracts in the Netherlands are there?

Usually, the contract you choose is either a year, or you can choose a contract with a longer term. The energy prices then, are set for the full period of that contract. Which can be beneficial, especially when prices rise during the contract period.

Decisions on energy contracts can be a difficult decision to make, because the energy market - especially nowadays with the war in Ukraine and other uncertainties - fluctuates a lot. Therefore, it might be a good idea to call in experts to help you with your choice, because they know the market in and outs.

Detailed overview of the different types of energy contracts

In the Netherlands, the energy market offers a variety of contract types to suit different needs and preferences when it comes to electricity and gas. Here are the main types of energy contracts available:

Fixed-rate contracts:

Variable-rate contracts:

Green energy contracts:

Dual fuel contracts:

Prepaid energy contracts:

What else is important when choosing energy contracts in the Netherlands?

When choosing an energy contract, it's important to consider your personal or household energy consumption habits, how long you plan to stay in your current residence, your financial flexibility, and your personal values, such as environmental impact.

The most important choice to make is whether you prefer a flexible or fixed contract. With a flexible contract, the supplier can lower or increase the prices during your contract. In some specific cases, this might be more beneficial for you as a tenant or homeowner.

Things you need to think about before choosing an energy company:

One final note: do you have solar panels? Some suppliers charge extra if you do. So that is something you might want to check out, if you have solar panels. Because it can be a difference of tens or even hundreds of euro's.

In the Netherlands, if you have solar panels, and you generate more energy than you use, you can sell that electricity to your energy provider. However, some companies are now charging money for people with solar panels. The reason is that the energy net is too crowded and the costs have increased significantly as a result.

These are energy companies charging extra for people with solar panels:

  1. Eneco
  2. Vandebron
  3. Budget Energie
  4. Vrijopnaam
  5. OM Nieuwe Energie
  6. Energie VanOns
  7. Gewoon Energie
  8. Innova Energie
  9. Mega Energie

Which energy companies are there in the Netherlands?

You have either gas companies or electricity companies that you will have to connect when you just moved to the Netherlands as an expat. Here is an overview of the most common energy companies in the Netherlands.

Gas companies in the Netherlands

  1. Essent - One of the largest energy companies in the Netherlands, offering both gas and electricity.
  2. Eneco - Known for its commitment to sustainability, Eneco provides various green energy options.
  3. Vattenfall (formerly Nuon) - A major provider offering competitive rates and a range of energy solutions.
  4. Oxxio - Offers competitive pricing and is known for its user-friendly online management tools.
  5. - Known for its straightforward, no-frills energy supply at competitive prices.
  6. Pure Energie - Markets itself as one of the greenest energy suppliers, offering 100% renewable energy.
  7. Budget Energie - Provides straightforward energy services often at lower costs.
  8. Greenchoice - Dedicated to sustainability, offering 100% green energy from renewable sources.
  9. ENGIE - Focuses on personalized energy solutions and sustainability.
  10. Delta Energie - Offers a mix of traditional and green energy, focusing on customer service.
  11. Qurrent (now part of Greenchoice) - Known for its renewable energy options and initiatives.
  12. Frank Energie. Has a lot of green options as well.
  13. Coolblue. Coolblue is a well-known Dutch company that started out as seller of consumer electronics, but is slowly diverging into different markets, such as the Energy market.
  14. Mega. Less-known, and not known for durability.
  15. United consumers. Known for their good service towards customers. They are a consumer collective, and because of buying in bulk they can offer big discounts.
  16. Vandebron. Main focus is sustainability, a very green provider. They want to help you use energy smartly and move towards 100% sustainable energy.
  17. OM | Nieuwe Energie. They claim to be the 'greenest energy collective' in the Netherlands. They have only 100% green energy.
  18. Vrijopnaam. They deliver 100% compensated gas for the lowest price.
  19. Innova energie. They have been growing the past 10 years, and want to make things as easy as possible.
  20. Gewoon Energie. They 'just give you energy'. For a good price, no hassle.

These are some of the best and most known companies providing gas in the Netherlands. A lot of them can also provide electricity contracts. Sometimes it can be beneficial to arrange both at the same company.

These suppliers offer a variety of plans and services, including fixed and variable rates, and many provide additional services like smart thermostats and energy audits to help manage and reduce consumption. When choosing a provider, consider your energy needs, budget, and values, particularly concerning sustainability and customer service.

Need help choosing the right energy company?

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List of notable electricity suppliers to consider:

  1. Essent - A major player in the Dutch energy market, offering a variety of electricity plans, including green energy options.
  2. Eneco - Known for its focus on sustainable energy solutions, Eneco offers several renewable energy plans.
  3. Vattenfall (formerly Nuon) - Provides a range of electricity plans, including customizable options tailored to different energy usage patterns.
  4. Oxxio - Offers competitive pricing with an emphasis on digital service and energy management tools.
  5. - Known for competitive rates and straightforward electricity plans.
  6. Pure Energie - This company focuses on renewable energy, offering electricity sourced from wind and solar power.
  7. Budget Energie - Provides simple and affordable energy plans, aiming to offer lower electricity rates.
  8. Greenchoice - Dedicated entirely to green energy, Greenchoice offers electricity from renewable sources like biomass, wind, and solar.
  9. ENGIE - Offers tailored energy solutions with a focus on sustainability and innovative energy services.
  10. Delta Energie - Known for a mix of traditional and renewable energy sources, with a strong customer service focus.
  11. Qurrent (now part of Greenchoice) - Continues its legacy under Greenchoice, focusing on green energy and sustainability.
  12. Frank Energie. Has a lot of green options as well. They focus on low prices and supplying co2 compensated gas and electricity.
  13. Mega. Less-known, they focus on durability but are not as sustainable as other energy suppliers.
  14. Vandebron. Main focus is sustainability, a very green provider. They want to help you use energy smartly and move towards 100% sustainable energy.
  15. Vrijopnaam. They deliver 100% compensated gas for the lowest price.
  16. Innova Energie. They have been growing the past 10 years, and want to make things as easy as possible.
  17. Gewoon energie. They 'just give you energy'. For a good price, no hassle.
  18. Tibber. Tibber is an innovative electricity supplier that leverages digital technology to offer smart energy solutions, aiming to reduce costs and environmental impact by actively adjusting consumption based on the availability of cheaper, greener energy sources.

Choosing from energy companies in the Netherlands

Because of the open market, it can be quite overwhelming to find your right energy company in the Netherlands. There are a lot of companies to choose from. It can also be beneficial to switch, every year - if you have a yearly contract - because it can help to save money.

If you feel overwhelmed, we are here to help. We have a lot of in-house experience and we have a great English speaking customer support team. Ready to help you make the best and the right choices.

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