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Dutch Energy Market Explained

Energy suppliers

Energy corporations and energy brokers are the two primary categories of energy suppliers in the Netherlands. While energy brokers serve as middlemen, offering energy plans from various firms and assisting customers in locating the best bargain, energy companies are in charge of producing and supplying energy to consumers.
There are several options available when picking an energy provider. You should start by examining the energy plan’s cost. It’s crucial to conduct research and compare plans because prices between providers might vary greatly. Given that the Netherlands uses a combination of renewable and non-renewable energy sources, you need also take into account the kind of energy being provided. Find a service that offers a higher proportion of renewable energy if you’re interested in consuming more environmentally friendly energy.


The kind of contract you desire is a different aspect to think about. You have the option of a fixed-term or flexible contract in the Netherlands. While flexible contracts’ prices can change based on the market, fixed-term contracts offer a fixed price for a predetermined amount of time. You must determine which contract type best suits your requirements.
Setting up your utilities is quite simple once you’ve chosen an energy supplier and signed a contract. The technical installation will be handled by the energy provider.

We hope the information provided has been useful in helping you comprehend the Dutch electricity and gas markets. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any more inquiries!

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