energy companies in the netherlands

Energy companies in the Netherlands: A complete list & guide

Are you new to the Netherlands and overwhelmed by the choice for an energy company? We would love to guide you as an expat in the Netherlands, with a full list of all energy companies in the Netherlands. But we want to take it a step further and give tips and tricks to help you choose. Or if it is too intimidating, Utility Direct is here to help. Understanding the energy market in the Netherlands The first step is to get an idea of how the energy market in the Netherlands is set up. So let’s talk about the Dutch energy market in general at first. It’s liberalized, which means you can choose the energy companies for gas and electricity yourself. In most cases that is, there are some exceptions. For example, sometimes houses are connected to a central heat net, and then you are stuck to the supplier that hosts that net. But in general you have freedom of choice, which drives competition and helps stimulate lower prices for energy companies in Holland. Which types of energy contracts in the Netherlands are there? Usually, the contract you choose is either a year, or you can choose a contract with a longer term. The energy prices then, are set for the full period of that contract. Which can be beneficial, especially when prices rise during the contract period. Decisions on energy contracts can be a difficult decision to make, because the energy market – especially nowadays with the war in

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